Kruse Western Renewable Fuels is leading the effort and partnering with local California dairies to clean our air, help reduce GHG emissions and adopt low NOx technology with CNG trucks. Our focus is on providing sustainable fuel solutions and planning for the future while staying true to our values.


RNG in the form of CNG.

We proudly source Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from San Joaquin Valley dairies which capture methane and direct it away from the environment, repurposing it as a clean, green energy source. This carbon negative fuel, used as transportation fuel in the form of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), is an answer to the question of both affordability and sustainability.

Passing the


on to you.

Diesel trucks are the single largest source of air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley. By making the switch to CNG, you can save our air and reduce your costs.

Heavy-duty CNG-fueled trucks are commercially available now


1:1 Replacement of diesel technology


Less expensive than battery electric or hydrogen options

Lighter tanks

Extra hauling capacity

More affordable fuel

No DEF necessary

Why Invest in

CNG trucks

vs electric?


case studies.

We are passionate about and committed to sustainability within our industry. Check out the case studies below to see what we’ve been doing to lead the effort in reducing carbon and methane emissions.

CNG Fleet Case Study – CNGVP

Make the


If you are interested in making the switch to CNG, reach out to Kruse Western Renewable Fuels today! Our in-house experts are always available to help truck owners through the process of locating the right CNG truck while ensuring you get the best price and help applying for grants. For questions or grant writing assistance, click below to contact us.

Staying true to our


Care for each other.
We provide support, understanding and genuine care for each other. We work collaboratively recognizing that no one can do it alone and that as team, we are always better and stronger together.
Do the right thing.
We are trustworthy because we are honest, accountable and transparent. We work towards the best solution, not the easiest solution, always doing the right thing the first time.
Own it.
As employee owners, we know and accept that every act we take and decision we make are our own. We recognize that there are no good excuses and that mistakes, which can happen, are acceptable when we own them and learn from them.
Strive for customers success.
We seek to understand and appreciate what makes our customers successful. We make the most of every opportunity to exceed their expectations, thus creating value that contributes to their success and ours.